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Copy contact information efficiently

Select contact information such as name, address, phone number and email address in any application. With just a keystroke you can copy all data to your contact database.

contactCopy Screenshot


Easy to use

contactCopy is as easy to use as the clipboard:

1. Select the text containing the contact information

2. Click on the contactCopy toolbar

3. contactCopy analyzes the contact data, splits it into fields and copies the values to your personal contact database

Copy contacts to Microsoft® Outlook® and other contact management tools

contactCopy supports the following contact management solutions:
  • Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Microsoft® Outlook Express®
  • Microsoft® Excel®
  • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM®
  • Lotus Notes®
Mail us to suggest other tools for future versions of contactCopy.

Use it from any application

contactCopy is integrated with the clipboard. You can use it to create calendar entries from any application including
  • your Email software
  • your favorite Web browser
  • Office applications
  • and many more

contactCopy is safe and efficient

contactCopy is not only a time-saver. You avoid typing errors when transferring important personal information such as
  • email addresses
  • phone and fax numbers
  • postal addresses

Advanced Parsing Technology

contactCopy comprises an advanced contact parser, an algorithm that understands the language of contact information.

In addition to pattern-based recognition techniques, contactCopy uses a comprehensive dictionary of strings occuring in contact information, allowing for unmatched recognition performance.

Structuring expressions contained in the contact information (such as "Name:", "Address:", "Tel:", "Email:") are recognized in 13 languages.

See here for details on LoquiSoft's RecogniContact contact information and address parser.

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Download contactCopy and evaluate it for 14 days.

Download Size: 6.8MB
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7


See the contactCopy online help for screenshots - and in detail product information.

Street maps at a click

Select a street address - contactCopy displays a street map in your web browser!

USA, Canada, Europe and Australia supported

contactCopy knows the structure of postal addresses as well as phone numbers used in the USA, Canada, Australia and most European countries.

Not only standard address formats, but all commonly used alternative formats can be processed.

Automatically add country information

contactCopy automatically recognizes the country of contact data based on address format, the language used in address elements and a place-name database. contactCopy automatically adds
  • the country to the postal address
  • the country code to phone and fax numbers (ideal for synchronization with mobile phones)