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Confirm parsing result
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Report wrong parsing result

ContactCopy - parsing result

Confirm parsing result

After ContactCopy has analyzed the selected text and determined the field values, the parsing result is displayed in the confirmation window. Usually, you only need to check the parsing results and click the button for exporting the data to the export target.

Manually assign unknown items to fields

All items that ContactCopy could not assign to a field are displayed in the "Unknown items" field (bottom-right of the ContactCopy confirmation window). Use the drag-and-drop method to move the unknown items to the appropriate fields. To do so, left-click the red handles (left of the unknown items); while holding down the left-click mouse button, drag each unknown item to the desired target field.

Report wrong parsing results

ContactCopy's contact data recognition and parsing engine was tested and optimized with thousands of real-world examples.

As with any software that processes the meaning of textual information (e.g., spell checking software), a small error rate - due to missing or ambiguous information - cannot be avoided.

ContactCopy users can contribute to improved recognition accuracy by reporting wrong parsing results. Reports sent to us will be used to improve ContactCopy's recognition algorithms. Click Bug to send us an error report if you discover a recognition problem.

Create text replacement rules

With text replacement rules, you can modify the source text before it will be processed by ContactCopy's parsing engine.
If ContactCopy does not assign contact elements, due to non-standard formats, you can create an appropriate text replacement rule, in which you specify how the text needs to be modified so that ContactCopy understands it.

If ContactCopy does not recognize certain strings, or assigns strings to the wrong fields, you can create a text replacement rule that modifies the source by removing or replacing strings before the text is analyzed by the parser.
Click Rule to create a new text replacement rule.

See Text replacement rules for further information.