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Calendar entries
Date and time parser
Ambiguous date and time formats

What is copy2calendar?

copy2calendar is a Windows software tool that automatically converts text containing date, time and appointment information into calendar entries. Supported target calendar applications include Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Palm Desktop.

You can use copy2calendar to do two things:

  • Create calendar entries from existing text
    In any application, select text containing appointment information and click Ctrl-C twice.
  • Create new calendar entries using type2calendar
    With the type2calendar feature, you can create new calendar entries by entering the appointment information as free-form text. With the Hotkey Ctrl-Alt-T you can call up this function from any application.


For details on how to use copy2calendar from any windows application, see Creating calendar entries.


For details on how to create calendar entries by entering textual date and time information, see type2calendar.

Date and time recognition

copy2calendar is based on a recognition engine for date and time specifications. See Date and Time recognition (parser) for details.


For information on how to configure copy2calendar, see Settings and Ambiguous Formats.

Purchase, Support, Contact

On http://www.loquisoft.com you can find the latest product information, the copy2calendar order form and the support area.