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Calendar entries
Date and time parser
Ambiguous date and time formats

copy2calendar Settings

Tab sheet Date/time search

Specifiy the Languages in which copy2calendar should search for language-dependent date or time specifications. By default, copy2calendar will recognize date and time strings in all available languages.

You can restrict the scope of copy2calendar's date/time string search to the languages actually required. This is useful if copy2calendar keeps finding date/time strings that by coincidence represent a valid date/time specification in one of the supported languages.

NOTE! Language independent (=purely numeric) date/time specifications are always recognized, regardless of this setting.

Use the Ambiguous date/time formats dialog to specify which potentially ambiguous formats copy2calendar should recognize as date or time specifications when analyzing textual data.

Date specifications will be between the years XXXX and YYYY

copy2calendar uses this setting to discard date specifications that lie outside the specified time range. This will prevent most wrong suggestions when items such as telephone numbers, postal codes, etc. have the same format as date or time specifications.

Tab sheet Target calendar

Specify here the target application in which copy2calendar will create new calendar entries.

Tab sheet Calendar entry

Here you can specify the default settings for new entries created by copy2calendar.

Under Source information to include in body, select the information that should be included in the body of each new calendar entry:

  • source application name - the name of the source application (executable file) from which the calendar entry was copied
  • source window title - the title of the source window from which the calendar entry was copied
  • source URL - Internet address (URL) of the source page if the calendar entry was copied from a website. Available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Tab sheet General


Specify here the Hotkeys with which you will call copy2calendar's functions.

These Hotkeys are valid system-wide. They can be used in any application, provided that

  • no other application has reserved the specified Hotkey as a system-wide Hotkey
  • in the current application, the specified Hotkey has no other function

To change a Hotkey, proceed as follows:

  • go to the Hotkey editor
  • press the desired Hotkey on the keyboard

Tab sheet License

Click Change license information... to enter your license key or modify any existing license information. This will show the licensing dialog: