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Using RecogniContact
Redistributing RecogniContact
Class IContactParser
Class IParsedContact
Class IParserSettings
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Class IContactParser

The class IContactParser is the interface to RecogniContact's parsing engine.

Class Methods

procedure Initialize(userName, licenseKey: WideString);

Initializes the parser object with the specified license information.
IContactParser.Initialize() must have been called before you can use IContactParser.Parse()
Call IContactParser.Initialize() only once in your application.

function Parse(const sourceText: WideString): IParsedContact;

Parses the string in sourceText, and returns the parsing result as an IParsedContact object.
IContactParser.Initialize() must be called once before calling IContactParser.Parse()
The maximum length of sourceText is 8 kilobytes (8192 characters).

function CreateSettingsObject: IParserSettings;
procedure Settings(const Settings: IParserSettings);

Allow you to retrieve the current settings, or adjust the parser settings. To change parser settings, proceed as follows:
  1. Create the settings object:
    settingsObject = IContactParser.CreateSettingsObject()
  2. Change the settings object properties as required.
  3. Activate the settings using

For code samples see:
function GetLicenseInfo(LicenseInfo: LicenseInfoType): WideString;

Retrieves Information about your RecogniContact license.
  • GetLicenseInfo(litUserName) returns the name of the registered license holder

  • GetLicenseInfo(litDaysLeft) returns a string containing the number of days remaining in your license
    "-1" if the license has no expiry date (permanent license)
  • "0" indicates that the license has already expired
  • "1" indicates that the license will expire today at midnight
  • "2", "3", ... indicates the number of days remaining in your license (including today)

  • GetLicenseInfo(litExpired) returns the license expiry status
    "1", if the license is expired
    "0", if the license is still valid

  • GetLicenseInfo(litParserCountries) returns a comma separated string containing the 2 letter ISO codes of all countries, for which the parser will parse address and contact information
    returns an empty string, if your license has no country restriction
    See http://www.iso.org/iso/english_country_names_and_code_elements for the complete list of ISO country codes.