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Using RecogniContact
Redistributing RecogniContact
Class IContactParser
Class IParsedContact
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Installing RecogniContact with your application

Please note the following instructions on how to install the RecogniContact component on your customers' computers:
  1. Make sure you used a valid RecogniContact license key when your applications calls IContactParser.Initialize(). Never redistribute an application with a demo license key, as the license will expire on your customer's computer.

  2. Your application setup must install the following files.


    If you install these files in the same folder as the executable file using RecogniContact.dll, no registry changes are required.
    If you install these files in a different folder, create one of the following registry keys:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LoquiSoft\RecogniContact (use this only if your application will be used exclusively by the user logged in during application setup)

    In this registry key, create a string value named "Path" and set it to the folder name where the RecogniContact files are located.
    Path="C:\Program files\My Application\RecogniContact"

  3. In your application setup, register RecogniContact.dll as a COM component using
    RegSvr32.exe RecogniContact.dll

    When uninstalling your application, call
    RegSvr32.exe /u RecogniContact.dll